Registration stop leads to DWI, more in Naples

A Fairport man was charged with driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop on Mill Street in Naples. Deputies in Ontario County report that on May 9th at 11:04 pm Scott W. Kaper, 45, of Fairport was charged with driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop. He was stopped while operating his 2008 Ford F-350 for having a suspended registration with no insurance on file. Deputies discovered Kaper was intoxicated and subsequently arrested him. Deputies also discovered that Mr. Kaper’s license had been suspended due to not having insurance and that he also had an active bench warrant for his arrest, which was issued by the Dansville Police Department. He allegedly issued a bad check in that incident. Kaper was issued traffic citations for driving while intoxicated, operating a motor vehicle while the registration is suspended or revoked and unlicensed operation. He will appear in Naples Town Court at a later date to answer the charges. Kaper was turned over to the Dansville Police Department to answer charges pending there.

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