C’daigua officials give update on hotel project

Things on Lakeshore Drive are at a standstill. That was the message delivered to residents, as they woke up Friday morning after news broke late-Thursday that two major parties involved in the hotel development project on Lakeshore Drive at the former Steamboat Landing site had pulled out.On Friday, the City of Canandaigua responded officially with a timeline of events, which highlights where the project has been, as well as the multiple speed bumps it encountered to this point.Officials say the owner of the property, which was the former Steamboat Landing site is Canandaigua-Finger Lakes Resort, LLC. The managing partners of the project are David Genecco and Robert Murphy. They took ownership of the site when the LLC was formed in 2013, according to officials in Canandaigua.Last summer construction was halted around six months after funding was initially secured, according to Canandaigua-Finger Lakes Resort. In late-2014 the funding was secured, which prompted the start of building. When construction stopped during the summer of 2015, those involved said it was due to a loss of financing. The group funding the development, North Star Funding was lost due to SEC action against them, according to officials from Canandaigua.In September of last year, Morgan Management and Christa Construction announced that they would partner with David Genecco and Robert Murphy to ensure that the project was completed. Their intent was to drive the hotel and resort portion of the project to completion.In January of this year, an application was supplied to the City Planning Commission by an attorney from Woods-Oviatt-Gilman, stating that they represented Robert Morgan and David Christa, “the managing members of the limited liability company who are undertaking the redevelopment of the Former Steamboat Landing,” according to City documentation.That application was approved by Canandaigua officials and in June both Christa and Morgan said that a large portion of the financing had been secured. However, on July 12th a complete reversal of all previous marks was noted as the City of Canandaigua was informed that neither Christa Construction, nor Morgan Management would have any further involvement with the Canandaigua Finger Lakes Hotel project. Now, officials are working to get the two parties together to determine what course of action can be taken next. While the City of Canandaigua released an official statement of events on Friday, it has done little to erase any of the uncertainty residents have regarding the Lakeshore Drive project.FingerLakes1.com will have more on this story from Canandaigua as it develops.