Deer Haven Park will help preserve animals at former Seneca Army Depot

It’s all about creating an ecosystem.

That was the intention of Earl Martin, owner of Seneca Iron Works, who recently purchased the former Seneca Army Depot property. Martin will open what is being called the “Deer Haven Park,” which will give the White Deer of the Seneca Army Depot a safe place to call home.

Earlier in the summer, it was announced that Martin had planted soybeans to supplement the rare breed of deer, to create additional living space for them. It was estimated earlier in the year that around 80-100 deer remained on the property, before it was purchased by Martin.

A flyover was executed during the spring to take a physical count of the White Deer, which remained on the property. At one point when the facility was operational, it is believed that hundreds of the White Deer roamed the facility.

According to Earl, other things are being planted within the park to ensure that a sustainable ecosystem can be created for the White Deer. Turnips, various grasses and clover are being added to this region, which will be closed off from the rest of the property to ensure their safety.

Community organizers and leadership from the Deer Haven Park will be working together to make this venture a sustainable one throughout the next several years. Earl says the move is part of his overall vision to make the entire property successful.

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