Rayburn poised to be ‘outsider’s choice’ in Senate race for 54th District

Floyd Rayburn offers the 54th District something he believes it desperately needs: An outsider.

As the outsider seeking election in a crowded Republican field to succeed New York State Senator Michael Nozzolio, Rayburn believes that he has the support to back up the policies he hopes to make a reality.

As a Republican, he takes typical stances on issues like gun control — where he believes downstate, upstate divide has caused a serious lapse with the SAFE Act. “They don’t understand our way of life,” Rayburn says as a slogan — describing that divide between those in the Finger Lakes, and those living downstate. Rayburn also believes the SAFE Act infringes on the Second Amendment Rights of New Yorkers.

Rayburn also believes that corruption in New York has costed the state jobs. He also says he’s one of the only candidates in the field to have built a business from the ground up. This is why Rayburn has made his mission turning New York around, moving it in the right direction.

He’s been dubbed the ‘outsider’ candidate after multiple candidates were knocked off the ballot from both sides of the political arena due to a push from a small camp out of Canandaigua.

Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming received the support of her party at May’s convention. However, there has been growing concern about party unity within the 54th District.

Wayne County’s Joe Geiger, a retired veteran, Geneva City Supervisor Charlie Evangelista, and Cayuga County businessman Bobby Massarini have all been knocked off the ballot — in what some have classified as an attempt to ‘narrow the field’.

Ultimately, a series of petition technicalities cost each of those candidates their bid to have a voice in the primary. However, at least two of those candidates are weighing other options — including a run on a different party line.

“It’s not rocket science. Government doesn’t create jobs, but it sure can cost jobs,” Rayburn says speaking to the overall business climate here in New York. “That’s why I’ll work to get government out of way by calling for a moratorium on all new business regulations.” He points out that the so-called ‘red tape’ in New York kills job growth, and prevents small businesses from developing into larger, more-profitable businesses.

Multiple candidates running for the 54th Senate District have discussed term limits. Both Supervisor Helming, Supervisor Manktelow, Geiger, and Massarini have all indicated that term limits would be an important part of any future legislation in New York.

However, Rayburn believes that elected officials in New York State have turned to ‘gaming the system’ in an effort to maintain their control or elected status. Rayburn says that three 2-year terms for Senators and Assemblymen in New York — with statewide offices like Governor, Attorney General, and State Comptroller serving just two 4-year terms.

Rayburn has called for a series of debates leading up to the primary, which he believes would give voters the right information heading into the polls.

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