Geneva PD: Man carrying rifle seen walking in area of Pre Emption St., Border City

On Tuesday at approximately 1:30 pm the Geneva Police Department received the report of an individual carrying a rifle in the area of Pre Emption St. and Forge Avenue.

Witnesses described the man as being African American, just under 6-feet tall, average build, short hair, was wearing denim jeans — as well as an embroidered brown shirt.

He was seen carrying the rifle over his shoulder and proceeded into Seneca County in the area of Fallbrook Street and the woods to the north and east.

An extensive canvas with the assistance of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Ontario County K-9 and the New York State Police yielded negative results as the individual remains at large.

Both Geneva and Waterloo school districts held buses over, or diverted them away from the areas of concern — which included areas near and around Border City in Seneca County.

As of 3:45 pm all areas have been released, all buses have completed their drop-offs, and all roadways are clear, according to deputies.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Geneva Police Department, or call 911.

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  • PatriotNY

    What law was this guy breaking? If he’s legally able to posess a firearm, and the rifle was unloaded, he has every right to carry it.

  • Eli Bowen

    You missed the part about him being African American.
    That’s why someone called it in.
    But keep telling yourselves that racism doesn’t exist.