Cause of massive barn fire in Phelps unknown, but not suspicious

Officials in Ontario County report that the fire at 1382 County Road 23 in the Town of Phelps, located at the DeBoover Family Farm caused no injuries to people or animals.

Deputies say that two people driving by the farm noticed smoke coming from a metal barn used to store hay and called 911. Several fire departments responded to put out the blaze, which included Phelps, Oaks Corners, Clifton Springs, Seneca Castle, North Side, Geneva, Manchester, Port Gibson, Gorham, Stanley, and Border City.

Officials say it took nearly an hour-and-a-half to bring the blaze under control. Approximately 200 cows had to be removed by farm employees from a nearby barn that also partially caught fire. No one was injured during the incident, and all animals at the farm were safely moved away from the fire.

County Road 23 was closed for several hours.

Phelps Fire Chief Ronald Nieskes and investigators from the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office do not believe that the fire was suspicious in nature — but an investigation into the cause is ongoing.

13WHAM.com posted a story Tuesday reporting on how local farmers and community pitched in to help the Phelps farm fight the fire, including a video showing the re-location of the cows.

Original Report – Monday, September 26th

Area firefighters battled a massive barn fire on Monday afternoon, which reportedly started around 4 pm.

The barn fire at DeBoover Family Farms, which is located at 1382 County Road 23 in Phelps. The dairy farm is located between Fort Hill and Melvin Hill roads and takes up 173-acres.

It’s unclear how many buildings were involved in the fire, but cattle in one of the barns were freed. There are 14 barns and buildings on the property, according to reports from the scene — two or three of those buildings or barns were involved when firefighters arrived on scene.

Fire departments from Phelps, Oaks Corners, Seneca Castle, Clifton Springs and Manchester along with Phelps Ambulance all were on the scene, according to the Canandaigua Messenger. Those agencies will continue working on knocking down hot spots throughout the night, according to other reports from the scene.

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