State law will require mental health education in schools

New York’s schools will have to teach about mental health in their state-mandated health classes in two years. The 40-year-old mandate for health education already specifically requires teaching about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and the prevention and detection of cancers.

Sponsors say the new curriculum will increase the likelihood that students recognize the signs of mental illness in themselves and others and seek help when it’s needed. They say many students with emotional or behavioral disorders drop out of high school.

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  • DangerousMikeBenson

    Lol just an excuse I’m sure for them to lock someone up unnecessarily “Oh you’re speaking out of turn, you’re unruly you have your own opinion you’re not HEALTHY MENTALLY” LOL psychiatry is a fraud practice. If I had kids best be assured they’d STAY OUT of that INSANE ASYLUM called a SCHOOL haha