18-year-old arrested for causing school lockdown in Lyons

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts reports that an 18-year-old Lyons resident was charged with making a terroristic threat and falsely reporting an incident in the third degree after the Lyons School District was locked down last week.

It is alleged than Michael J. Aman, 18, of Lyons sent a message to the Lyons Public Library making a threat against the Lyons High School causing the school to lockdown on October 6th. While details of the incident were unclear until now, authorities had said that the schools were placed on lockdown due to a ‘possible threat’.

Aman was arraigned in Lyons Town Court and remanded to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of bail. He is scheduled to answer the charges at a later date.

Original Story

Lyons Central Schools are on lockdown, according to officials from the district.

Residents were notified via phone message, which indicated that there was a “possible threat” to buildings within the school district.

The message continues, “At this time, all students are safely in their classroom continuing their instruction. We will remain in lockdown until the end of the school day.”

Lockdown procedure, according to officials, means that students will not be able to leave their building until the close of school. After school activities have been cancelled, which includes all practices, games, and after school programs.

Reports indicate that there is a large police presence throughout the Village of Lyons, which was centered at the school earlier. Multiple Sheriff’s vehicles were seen moving throughout the area, as well as a number of New York State Police vehicles.

Here is the entire statement from the Lyons Central School District, which was read via phone message:

“This is Superintendent of Schools Don Putnam. I’m calling to inform you that the district was made aware of a possible threat to our buildings. When we were informed we immediately followed our district lockdown procedures. At this time, all students are safely in their classroom continuing their instruction. We will remain in lockdown until the end of the school day. Due to our lockdown procedures, our students will not be dismissed until the close of school. All after-school activities have been cancelled including all sporting practices and games, (as well as the) Advantages After School Program and Open House at the elementary school. The Lyons District is working in partnership with the Wayne County Sheriffs as we investigate this situation. The safety of our students and staff remain our number one priority.”

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is partnering in investigating the situation.

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