Victor Town Board hears more criticism on spending

It’s a $13 million budget and a 113 percent tax levy increase.

Let those numbers sink in for a moment.

It’s the kind of increase that can cripple families, make living conditions difficult, and tip any personal budget into the red quickly. Victor residents spoke out Monday night at a public hearing, which addressed that $13 million budget. However, as the board decided previously, they will vote on November 14th to approve it.

The speakers were angry. Many of them highlighted the need for accountability on the board. While there were few defenders of the Victor Town Board on Monday – it was clear that they will need to do much over the course of the next year to rehabilitate their previously positive record.

Victor is growing. It’s getting larger, it has more serviceable roads, and sees more income as result. However, all of those positives were not enough to offset spending, which only could have been addressed by a gradual increase in taxes over the last several years.

Marren said during the public hearing that he should have done a better job communicating to individuals who were previously involved with finance. “I take ownership, I should have done a much better job communicating with our former financial director,” said Victor Town Supervisor Jack Marren.

Many speakers addressed the need for greater spending cuts to combat the overall increase.

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