Excellus: ‘Superbugs’ infect 30,000 upstate New Yorkers annually

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield reported Wednesday that antibiotic-resistant bacteria — “superbugs” — are infecting some 30,000 upstate New Yorkers annually. “These drug-resistant ‘superbugs’ are a global problem,” stated Dr. Martin Lustick, corporate medical director, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. “Bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics we have, and there are few new antibiotics in development.”

Antibiotics treat such illnesses as strep throat and urinary tract infections that are caused by bacteria. They do nothing to treat illnesses caused by a virus, though are too often prescribed for the flu, the common cold, or acute bronchitis, all of which are caused by viruses, stated Lustick.

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  • DangerousMikeBenson

    There is no such thing as a virus causing illness. All germs are generated individually as per the metabolic needs of the specific organism. You get ill due to lack of nutrients, trauma/shock which damages the nervous system, along with too many toxins which back up the immune system and create an unbalanced metabolism.
    Next thing will be the vaccine for superbug viruses that are antibiotic resistant Lol