Geneva City Council says OK to lakefront sale

The city is selling a piece of Routes 5&20 property next to Seneca Lake State Park to a developer who plans to build 14 seasonal vacation rentals there. It could mean a serious shakeup in what the lakefront property and subsequent view looks like in the long-term, along the beautiful Seneca Lake.

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  • Jess

    Well… Every thing has its pros and cons. Keeping my mind open. Rental cottages seems like a nice idea. Genevans and tourists don’t always want to stay in hotels. I know I’d go stay with hubby in a cute cottage as long as there were weekend deals. (Even though I live in Geneva and have all my life) I did get nervous at first at thought oh man are they talking about the whole piece all the way to the chamber? Because if they are that’s kind of not great. A big piece of that has been being used for live entertainment and I know Geneva loves it. Maybe just cluster all the cottages together and keep them closer to the state park. Then that would be good. I would also hope it won’t interfere with the bike/walking trails. I also thought too that it gets pretty busy thru out that area with people traffic. Hope who ever stays in the cottages doesn’t mind. It would be cool if we had cottages in more remote areas but I don’t think there’s much remote area around the lake here in Geneva and Waterloo etc etc.