Look back at the Blizzard of ’93 through local TV coverage

The 1993 Storm of the Century, also known as the Great Blizzard of 1993, was a large cyclonic storm that formed over the Gulf of Mexico on March 12, 1993. The storm eventually dissipated in the North Atlantic Ocean on March 15, 1993. It was unique for its intensity, massive size, and wide-reaching effects. At its height, the storm stretched from Canada to Central America, but it impacted mainly the eastern United States.

Look back at how the storm impacted Upstate New York through the television newscasts that aired during the storm…

Below is a documentary on the “Storm of the Century” by National Geographic…

Do you remember the Blizzard of 1993? Tell us about your memories in the comment section below…

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  • Johnny does it

    I remember this storm. My aunt veera came to stay with us because of her bad bunions. I had to rub Vaseline on her feet every hour. With each Vaseline rub the snow piled up one foot. We ran out of Vaseline so I had to use butter. She fell when she got up to use the commode and accidentally messed her under britches. The next morning I got auntie veera up off the floor with help of my friends, tom, Daryl, nick, Ted, Chris, Steve, Micky, John, Fred, John, Dan, Kyle, joe, John, Bill, mike, Donald and Darryl. The same friends helped me change her under britches. John and Bill fell on the butter and into the under britches. We all went out to shovel but u only had one shovel so everyone was getting in each other’s way. Auntie veera didn’t shovel for nothin. She seems to get to be less of help now that she was 88 that day. I figured she could help shovel so I could get to my mailbox. We ended up getting about 3 feet of snow. Just about up to my twig and berries.