Ithaca Robbery: Man smears feces on wall, sets fire in apartment before being arrested

A homeless man was arrested on Tuesday in Ithaca after police responded to a robbery in progress.

Officers say that they responded to the 700 block of South Aurora Street for the report of a burglary in progress. The complainant called police after observing someone inside an apartment who he knew did not live there. The apartment was reportedly in complete disarray. Multiple items inside the apartment were destroyed, evidence of a fire was observed, and feces was smeared on the walls inside of the apartment.

When officers arrived they found Christopher Talman, of unknown age, with no permanent address and subsequently arrested for burglary in the second degree — a Class C felony, criminal mischief in the second degree — a Class D felony, as well as arson in the third degree — a Class C felony.

He was taken into custody and transported to IPDHQ for processing. He was remanded to the Tompkins County Jail pending a psychiatric evaluation.

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    Betting the homeless guy has issues for sure, ….. but is smart enough to know how much he had to do in the way of breaking laws to get himself a jail cell and three hot meals a day for the Winter.

  • tootootmuthaclucka

    I know this guy and he is a really brilliant mathematician but has severe bipolar disorder. I don’t think this was calculated and it’s a real tragedy that he’s obviously going through a psychotic episode