Signs of hate show up Cayuga-Seneca Trail

Heather May looks at her runs on the Cayuga-Seneca Trail as a chance to get away from it all. However, while jogging the week before the election, she saw something that brought her back to reality: a Nazi swastika painted on a power box.

A couple of weeks later, two more swastikas appeared, one on the rail bridge near the end of the west end of the trail, the other adorning a sign along the trail.

May, who chairs Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Theatre Department, said she has no doubt the Nazi signs are in response to President-elect Donald Trump, who received support during the campaign from ultra-right wing organizations, including white supremacist groups. Those groups have publicly celebrated his victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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    This is pure BS. This is how some of the leftist young people today, disenchanted with the results of an election, spread their own hate VIA false flags. I would bet even money that those swastikas were all put there by hikers and/or vandals who espouse Ithaca’s main street hate against all ideals but their own warped concepts of Nationalism being a bad thing. Of a New World Order where all cultures must die to worship the ONE LEADER THE STATE…. In a one world order all must be equal where no one has more, is better looking, has ambition to be better and everyone gets a first place trophy even if they didn’t participate.
    So sick and tired of the obvious slanting of even local news by a minority of people who are brainwashing our children in higher education facilities to be mindless one world order drones who defend their insanity with the only ammo they have. The fake so called hate of anyone who does not agree with them. The tossing of the word racist as a weapon, or homophobic, or islamophobic, while they, themselves, are embracing the most racist ideology on the planet.