New York may create high schools for addicts

New York wants to create two “recovery” high schools for young people suffering from substance abuse. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday he would propose legislation to start the schools, one downstate and one upstate, to help high-school students recovering from addiction.

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  • Jess

    Good stuff. Only if there were more 24 hour treatment centers than what he’s talking about having. And only if there were more mental health inpatient places. Another thing that would help is saying right to all high schoolers “don’t offer drugs no any one and don’t offer drugs to some one you know just got out of a rehab or other wise place”.

  • Jess

    I always tell people and my children…if you don’t do drugs don’t even start if you like the way your life is. Once you start you’re opening the option to become addicted and it’ll change your life as you know it and not in a good way. You may start to spend all your money, steal others money, steal from stores, etc. You may become ill, lose touch with reality, pass on, hurt your family and friends by treating them badly etc. is that what you really want or would you rather wake up every day the way you are now with tons of opportunity waiting for you. Don’t think you’re invincible and strong enough to control it. Don’t even think haha yeah right I got this. Don’t be ignorant. Just don’t even start.