Auburn Community Hospital denies ‘false reports’ claim; lawsuit filed against facility, employees

Auburn Community Hospital was sent reeling this week after a lawsuit was filed by a former nurse, who now lives in Memphis.

The allegation inside the suit claims that five employees filed false police reports on January 29th, 2016. The complaint was officially filed on January 5th by Franklin and Billi-Jo Orr.

Their complaint filed against Auburn Hospital asserts emotional distress, injurious falsehood, civil conspiracy, defamation and retaliation following an incident that occurred last year.

The employees named in the complaint are Amer Sitterly, Linda Daley, Ann Doran, Robin Tangredi and Tammy Sunderlin. The suit filed by Orr claims that the five individuals, who were employed at Auburn Hospital reported that Franklin Orr was holding Billi-Jo, his wife, at gunpoint. The complaint also alleges that calls were made to Hutchings Psychiatric Center to report that Franklin, who was an employee at the facility brought a weapon to work.

That claim was found to be false when authorities arrived to the scene. There was also no evidence of Billi-Jo being held at gunpoint, as the reports alleged.

The Orr’s alleged that it was a matter of retaliation after Billi-Jo reported an earlier instance of abuse.

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