Women March in Seneca Falls 2017 (full coverage)

The volume of participants certainly exceeded expectation. An estimated 10,000 marchers gathered in Seneca Falls at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park at 10 am for  a march to stand in solidarity with women across the U.S.

Several marches and rallies were scheduled around the country. Locally, similar events took place in Ithaca, Rochester, and Syracuse. However, only one of those events took place in the birthplace of Women’s Rights.

“The number of people here right now for this is amazing,” one spectator said to a group of people as the 10 am rally began.

The event started with a rally at the park at 10 am, which was followed by a long march around Seneca Falls, before concluding at the The First Presbyterian Church on Cayuga Street. The event saw 30 speakers, which included Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. She might have been the featured speaker, but multiple poets, musicians, and others added their own touches to a unique event.

Watch the post-march rally speakers inside the Presbyterian Church on Cayuga Street in Seneca Falls…

The event lasted hours, with the ceremony at the church not concluding until nearly 4 pm. A large jumbotron was setup outside the church, with multiple crews working to ensure that video and audio of the event was fed from inside the church into the parking lot — where thousands gathered to watch.

“It’s about improving the dialogue across the board on the important issues,” explained organizer and former-Auburn Mayor Melina Carnicelli. “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish here today,” she explained in an interview with FingerLakes1.com before the event.

Former-Seneca Falls Town Councilor Mary Sarratori, who was one of the individuals working during the event described her reason for taking part: “Today was an awe-inspiring day, to be able to hold my 5-year-old’s hand as we walked down the street and have a conversation with him about why people were walking was heartwarming.” She continued, “Today was all about making sure not just my son, but every son, daughter, and person knows that we are all equal and deserve equal rights.”

Traffic was backed up between exits 41 and 42 on the New York State Thruway on Saturday. As masses of people streamed into the region. Some participants even were parking at locations near Waterloo, as finding a place to park near the event became difficult. Some were seen walking into Seneca Falls from the parking lots of Walmart and Tops Market.

The large crowd, estimated to have exceeded 10,000, was peaceful — but created problems for those trying to use their smartphones and mobile devices. Verizon and AT&T services were stunned by the volume of users in close proximity, which prevented some from even being able to make a phone call. FingerLakes1.com had planned on live streaming the event, but due to the network congestion, it ultimately was not possible.

Downtown businesses also saw a surge in patrons. After the conclusion of the walk, most downtown restaurants were flooded with hungry marchers ready to enjoy a meal in the historic space. Some business owners even setup outdoor tents to offer outdoor accommodations.


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Photo Gallery by Brad VanDusen Photography (Facebook)
Photo Gallery by Carrie Smalser (Captured by Carrie Photography)

Check out photos from the day’s event in Seneca Falls below…

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  • Tina turner


  • SidneyR

    NO, just women and men trying to defend your rights. But whatever, maybe you’ll come to that realization in the next couple years.

  • concerned citizen

    but I guess t’s okay to block emergency vehicles form passing,to park illegally and on private property without permission,to be rude to local business operators, to keep local residents from getting to work or home,etc.etc. etc. your rights? everyone in THIS country is entitled to their opinions and think their cause is ‘right”. IS is the same way,aren’t they. UNITED WE STAND.! Get behind God,Your country AND YOUR PRESIDENT! Write your rep-stop clogging up the streets with your ridiculousness (which leads to violence,looting,etc.etc.etc) .

  • Tyler Eldred
  • Tyler Eldred

    I don’t recollect the Tea Party morons getting behind their God (heal the sick [Matthew 10:8] feed the hungry [Matthew 25:34-36] and always pray in private [Matthew 6:5-7]) their country (when a clear majority supported marriage equality, abortion rights, healthcare, etc.) or their President (when it was Barack Obama). So, no, I don’t think I will get behind your god or your President. But, in case you didn’t notice the vote tallies for the election (Trump having lost by more than 3 million) or the protests today in DC in comparison to his inauguration (the protest? Over 500,000. Trump’s inauguration? Less than 200,000) to say nothing of the literal millions of people across the country united in opposition to Trump, I AM with my country. YOU get behind your country, you poltroon. And take your dunce of a President with you.

  • Ellen Leahy

    great coverage

  • Jordanriver15

    Thanks for your words, Tyler! You are “right on”! While DT is blathering on and on about “draining the swamp”, during the campaign, the Republican reptiles, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and sniveling, slimy, self serving men like Jeff Sessions pretend to have respect for the rights of all people in this country, they represent hypocrisy at it’s highest level! And they are at a level to have the power to take away the rights of women and all minority groups! If Bernie called for a revolution, there just may be one!

    If anyone tries to tell me there is separation of Church and State in this country, I will say, you are SO wrong! The religious right need to get off their self-righteous soapboxes and see the real world. Man is a Beast! And horrible things are happening every day. And who gives a damm? Certainly not DT and his Republican henchmen!!

  • concerned citizen

    and that’s why you are all supported on the backs of the working class, Obama quadrupled the cost of MY healthcare, yet I still haven’t held my hand out to say ‘gimme’ which seems to be the dissenters rally cry. You haven’t walked a mile in anyones shoes. Pretty easy to quote the bible by picking little bites out-the devil is good at that too.

  • concerned citizen

    BTW-lots more are for our President, but we’re busy financially supporting all of you!!

  • concerned citizen

    None of you will convince me that Clinton was a better choice, handing America over because people choose to be brainwashed and blindsided, while they empty your coffers. You choose murderers and thieves,not me. My ancestors came to this country in 1632-documented. They fought hard for American rights. My husband became mentally ill as is our son(whom I support in my home), I was a single mother for over 15 years and the only help I got was from God! OH , and did I tell you my daughter is a union electrician. You don’t automatically get the benefits of being an American-you EARN it.

  • concerned citizen

    why didn’t the tens of thousands of ‘protesters’ pull a dollar bill out of their pockets and donate to the domestic violence shelter-?

  • Laura Carosi

    Not my god and not my president. This march is what democracy is at its best. We parked legally, supported local businesses, and hundreds of residents who did not participate in the March came out to cheer it on. There was no dissent and no violence. It was a peaceful and joyful celebration of women in this birthplace of women’s rights.

  • Laura Carosi

    We did.

  • Tyler Eldred

    And my ancestors were Salem witches and soldiers of the American Revolution. Ancestry doesn’t matter; it’s what you do that matters. And when you stand up to be counted with the enemies of everything our forefathers fought and died for, you betray them, and you lose the right to lecture others with your precious ‘documented’ ancestors.

    BTW, you actually do automatically get the benefits of being an American. That’s how birth citizenship works. If that confuses you, I suggest you consult a Constitutional Law expert–like the President you people whined and complained about.

  • Tyler Eldred

    …did you…actually listen for one second to the protesters? Or had you already made up your mind about them once they were clearly against Trump? They don’t want things handed to them, they are trying to make sure their rights aren’t taken away.

    I’d love to see the numbers on that healthcare costs you claim quadrupled; people on the right giddily make that claim until someone presses them for numbers, because they are ALWAYS proven wrong. If your premiums went up (and they sure as hell didn’t quadruple) that’s on the insurance companies, not the President.

    And yeah, it is really easy to cherrypick quotes out of the Bible. Like finding quotes that seem to support slavery or oppose gays. Problem for you is, I’ve read mine cover to cover, and I was paying attention: Jesus was a protester and a dissident, who hated money lenders, advocated for paying taxes, fed the hungry and healed the sick and cared for the poor without an expectation of money or reward, and was murdered by powerful conservatives who didn’t like that the masses had an advocate who could lead them.

    Maybe you should read yours more closely before allying yourself with the devil who’s now in the Oval Office.

  • Tyler Eldred

    waaaah my taxes go to something I don’t like waaaah.

    Tell you what, reimburse me for paying for the cost of the Iraq War, the government shutdowns the Tea Party forced, Trump’s inauguration and security detail at his stupid hotel, and then we can have a conversation about financially supporting things we don’t like. Until then, get over yourself, and stop buying into your own propaganda. ’cause guess what? WE support YOU. Red voters/states are the largest recipients of welfare and federal tax dollars, which are generously provided by Blue voters/states and big cities.

  • Engaged citizen

    Excuse me, sir. I am fully employed, have been working for 50 years, pay my taxes, give financial support to local and national charities, and volunteering my time and my skills to several nonprofit organizations. I am a native-born citizen of the United States, but all four of my grandparents were immigrants to this country. My male relatives worked all of their lives, even through the Great Depression, and they served this country in both World War I and World War II. My female relatives, when they were not working for pay outside the home, contributed to their communities through church, school, and other volunteer organizations. Do not dare to tell me I shouldn’t exercise my constitutional right to peaceful protest.

  • Engaged citizen

    Mr. Eldred, I apologize. I should clarify that I was not taking issue with your post, with which I agree, but with the post of “concerned citizen.” For some reason this person, who I mistakenly took to be male but from her later post appears to be female, assumes that everyone who did not vote for her candidate is unemployed, dependent on public assistance, and undeserving of the constitutional rights of an American citizen. Her characterization of the thousands of protesters who came to Seneca Falls and all of the other similar events throughout the country are deeply ignorant and prejudiced, and I felt I had to respond.

  • concerned citizen

    That’s what I love about you all,you clarify the situation so wisely! thanks for your insight! Even so,come quickly Lord. Sorry Tyler,you may miss that peaceful gathering! Guess I ended up on the punching bag side of that event. Shame, because I do agree with some of what you say,not all of it -that’s what makes America great,don’t you agree?

  • Jess

    So amazing to be a part of this! Seneca Falls volunteers & workers did an amazing job handling a crowd of this size. All the marchers were so pleasant and kind. Totally healing event!! Brought my two teenage nieces – they loved it! Empowering!!!! Thank you Seneca Falls!

  • Nancy Keefe Rhodes

    Wow, what terrific coverage! Thank you so so much! I was in DC on Saturday – last night I was out listening to some music & friends were raving about Seneca Falls & esp. our Mayor Stephanie Miner’s speech. I posted on FB, hoping someone somewhere had taped her speech. To my delight, this link came back with this abundance of photos & coverage & your superb video of more than two hours of the speakers. Great work!

  • Sal governale

    Excercise is an appointment word for women. So I am glad there was some heavy ones out there excercising. I just think they should of done it somewhere in some open fields or something

  • Richard Christie

    Can’t we all just Lez be friends?

  • Wow, what terrific coverage! Thank you so so much! I was in DC on Saturday – last night I was out listening to some music & friends were raving about Seneca Falls & esp. our Mayor Stephanie Miner’s speech. I posted on FB, hoping someone somewhere had taped her speech. To my delight, this link came back with this abundance of photos & coverage & your superb video of more than two hours of the speakers. Great work!