Judge throws out animal cruelty charge in Farmington Court

The woman charged with animal cruelty following the death of a retired racehorse last February had the case against her thrown out on Tuesday in Farmington Town Court.

Terra Payne, the owner of a farm on Route 41 in Farmington, faced a potential jail sentence for the allegations that she failed to provide proper sustenance to the horse, which was euthanized.

Judge Morris Lew made the decision to dismiss the charge against Payne in the midst of a jury trial. His decision followed a request for the charge to be thrown out by Payne’s defense attorney Patrick Conklin. That request was made moments after Ontario County Assistant District Attorney Heather Hines saw her final witness leave the stand.

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  • Jess

    Not to be mean.. but um if this horse was obviously too skinny. Why did no one bring it to the vet to find out WHY?? The poor animal obviously had something wrong and was probably suffering animals can’t talk to tell you and her death may have been able to be avoided. But it’s common sense if an animal is emaciated it’s ill. Doesn’t matter that it was eating and drinking there was obviously something wrong! It is wrong also to throw this case out!!!