After 12,000 patients and 31 years, Clifton Springs doctor is retiring

When asked what he will miss most about a medical career that has spanned more than 30 years, Dr. Neil Scheier’s answer is instantaneous.

“That’s an easy one. The people, of course — the relationships,” he said. “It’s been more than just giving them medicine for their hearts, or their lungs, or their diabetes. It’s about relationships, and I love every one of them. The last month has been a love-in over here.”

It’s been during the last month that many of those patients have said their heartfelt good-byes to Scheier, who is retiring later this week after 31 years of practice in the Clifton Springs area, where he has served thousands of patients.

In a letter to them, Scheier wrote, “I have always taken great pleasure in the personal accomplishments and achievements of all my patients and their families.”

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