WHAT’S NEXT: Finger Lakes digs out from major winter storm (full-coverage)

Snow plow tipped over at intersection of Yellow Tavern Rd. and State Rt. 96 on Tuesday. Photo by Michael Hagadorn.

The region is still dealing with the consequences of Winter Storm Stella, as snow and wind continue to batter the Finger Lakes — but new information is available on what will likely go down as the most-powerful storm of the 2016-17 winter season.


The Winter Storm Warning for Seneca, Cayuga, Tompkins, and Yates counties has been cancelled, but a Winter Weather Advisory was issued for those locations until 8 am on Thursday. At this point, forecasters say light snow and blowing snow will be the two major issues for those taking to the roads.

The Winter Storm Warning remains active for the western portions of the Finger Lakes, which includes Ontario and Wayne counties until 8 pm.

New accumulation over the next several hours will be minimal compared to what the region has been receiving over the last 24 to 36 hours.

Total Accumulation

Here’s where geography, relative distance to Lake Ontario (which did enhance this storm for those in the FLX) and a bunch of other factors make for some wild numbers.

Below are the latest reported snowfall totals:

Cayuga County

– Auburn: 21 inches

Ontario County

– Bloomfield: 8.6 inches
– W. Bloomfield: 7.8 inches
– Canandaigua: 14 inches
– Geneva: 20 inches
– Honeoye: 11 inches
– Phelps: 18 inches

Schuyler County

– Montour Falls: 12.3 inches

Steuben County

– Bath: 11.5 inches
– Campbell: 9.9 inches
– Hornell: 12.5 inches
– Kanona: 7.8 inches

Tompkins County

– Caroline Center: 24.8 inches
– Ithaca: 14.9 inches
– North East Ithaca: 17.4 inches

Wayne County

– Macedon: 19.4 inches
– Marion: 13.1 inches
– Palmyra: 21.3 inches
– Rose: 24 inches
– Walworth: 23 inches

Yates County

– East Voak: 15 inches

Active Travel Advisories (Click for more information):

Cayuga County: Roads Closed until 6 am
Seneca County: Roads Open; Travel Advisory
Tompkins County: Roads Opened; Travel Advisory
Ontario County: No Unnecessary Travel
Wayne County: No Unnecessary Travel
Monroe County: No Unnecessary Travel
Yates County: No Unnecessary Travel
NYS Thruway: NO Tractor-Trailer Traffic

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil’s Update:

“The major winter storm continues to dump snow and create blizzard conditions across portions of the Finger Lakes this evening. Even though some areas have been downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory, which is less severe than a warning, conditions remain dangerous, especially in rural areas. I personally just took a trip into the rural areas to help a friend and experienced first hand the white out conditions and extremely poor travel conditions due to blowing and drifting snow.

The snow that is still falling will very slowly taper off tonight and Thursday morning. Several more inches may fall in places where it is still snowing and the area will likely not become snow free until Thursday afternoon. The wind will lessen slightly as well but will remain plenty strong enough for poor visibility and significant drifting through tonight and early Thursday. Extreme caution should be exercised if you have to go out tonight. Temperatures will drop back through the teens, sending wind chills to around 0 degrees overnight.”

Local Weather Resources:

Western FLX
Eastern FLX
FingerLakes1.com Weather Center
Thruway Conditions
Latest Weather Cancellations

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Photo taken in Ovid by Carrie Smalser.
Photo taken in Ovid by Carrie Smalser.
Photo taken in Walworth by Michael Abrams.
Photo taken in Phelps by David Kalwarovski.
Photo taken in Newark by Marie Poormon Welch.
Photo taken in Phelps by David Kalwarovski.
Photo taken in Phelps by David Kalwarovski.
Photo by David Kalwarovski
Photo from Geneva by David Kalwarovski
FL1 Staff Photo
Photo from Geneva by David Kalwarovski
Photo from Geneva by David Kalwarovski
FL1 Staff Photo, Downtown Seneca Falls on Tuesday

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  • Jess

    Some of the worst snow storms have been in March. Like the one in 1993. Hopefully this one isn’t too bad.

  • TheAwoken
  • TheAwoken
  • Jess

    That’s an interesting theory. Not picking on it. I understand every thing has a cause and effect but… There are also upper level lows that form in different months as well. I’m not sure humans can make the jet stream go where it goes and rise and drop. We can’t make an upper level low either. Just saying. I’m always open to other things.

  • Herbert

    Some of the worstest winter storms have been in march. I remembor 1993. I hope it ain’t gunna be liked that. Gee golly gum drops!

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  • TheAwoken

    Trevor James Constable made rain and thunderstorms using metal pipes attached to planes, all documented. Dr. Wilhelm Reich made it rain in deserts by attacking steel pipes to rubber hoses grounded in water. The science is there and it is not theory. Man can and does control the weather.

    You can look up US 3813875 for clarification in other ways to make weather: “Rocket system for dispensing Barium in the upper-atmosphere for seeding clouds” essentially.

  • HarleyBobb a Deplorable

    Hi Sky !

  • Polly Pee Flap

    That must of been the smartest thing anyone has ever said. First off, it’s snow. Who cares! It snows then melts. Stay home and don’t drive. Jess who cares. We live in NY! Expect it!

  • Wintery winter Winnie

    I have seenest the worstest of the winterest winter in the winter. If there ever was a winter worster then this winter then it would be a bad winter. Winter is full of wintery weather that gets worstest. Winter in winter is a wintery mess while the wind blows the winter weather. Weather in the winter is wintery. Wintery weather usually comes in the winter.

  • Jess