CLEAR EM OUT: Officials ask for residents to clear around fire hydrants

When a winter storm the magnitude of Stella makes it’s way through, leaving nearly two feet of snow (or more) in some areas — it takes some work to get everything back to normal.

The roads have improved significantly just one day removed from the biggest winter storm of the season, but Seneca County officials are asking for a hand from residents with one incredibly important task.

Clearing out around fire hydrants.

“Clean out the fire hydrants around your home,” Romulus Fire Chief Robert Steele said to FingerLakes1.com. “Help the local volunteer firefighters … It would be so appreciated by [everyone] in Seneca County.”

The risk comes when significant accumulation can waste crucial time when firefighters are called to the scene of a fire. “It’s incredibly important to have access to the hydrants after a storm of this magnitude,” he added.

Even beyond the raw accumulation Stella left in its wake — the road crews, which have spent the last 48 hours keeping up with, and now cleaning out from the winter storm — have left some hydrants with feet of snow over them.

It comes down to saving precious time when crews are called to a house fire.

Typically, officials ask that residents clear out a circle around the hydrant — that’s at least a few feet round so those volunteer firefighters can quickly access them.

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