‘Exceptionally large load’ being hauled through Ithaca on Friday

The Ithaca Police Department reports that a commercial truck, towing an exceptionally long load is scheduled to travel through the Ithaca area in a southerly direction on Friday.

The truck and trailer are over 380 feet long and twenty feet wide, according to police. It’s the same commercial load that came through the area in February, which was a GE turbine, according to reports.

Traffic patterns will be modified to accommodate the load.

The load is scheduled to enter Ithaca on State Rt. 34 at 9:30 am. From there the load is scheduled to take the following path through Ithaca:

Southbound on East Shore Dr.

Southbound on State Rt. 13

Southbound on Meadow St., which will mean Meadows St. will be closed for this portion of the trip.

Southbound on Elmira Rd. exiting the city

Police say if you find yourself in the area while the load is traveling through Ithaca to “please follow the directions of police officers and flaggers on scene.”

“Due to the complexities associated with towing such a long, heavy load through a municipality the timeframes could change on short notice,” says Officer Jamie Williamson.

Motorists are requested to avoid the area if possible.

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