Thousands of social security numbers compromised this tax season

Officials say that as many as 7,100 social security numbers have been compromised in tax season scams.

In particular, a scam involving an email, which fraudsters pose as a company executive seeking a social security number has been particularly damaging.

Tax officials say that as many as 65 companies with employees in New York have been attacked through this method by identity thieves.

The emails are sent to human resource departments seeking out lists of data — like social security information for employees.

Officials say these requests should be ignored.

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  • Jess

    Dirrr a company should never give that info out! I’d sue! And no I’m not one of those sue happy people that’s just terrible. We’re they thinking hey I’ll just send a bunch of people’s private information in an email to a place that I didn’t check into first to see if it’s legit? People’s ss numbers should NEVER be given out.