UPDATE: Driver airlifted from head-on crash in Waterloo ‘awake and talking’

Photo by the Waterloo Fire Department.

State Troopers have provided limited details in the wreck that happened on 5&20 Wednesday night in Waterloo. However, FingerLakes1.com has learned from family, that the driver of the blue Subaru, who suffered the most-serious injuries – and was previously sedated – is now “awake and talking.”

State Police say five people were injured in the accident. A car traveling west crossed the center line — striking an SUV that was moving east on State Rt. 5&20.

The driver and three passengers of the SUV were taken by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Only one person was airlifted from the scene.

According to the family member who spoke with FingerLakes1.com the accident was caused by a medical emergency. Specifically, the driver of the Subaru suffered a diabetic attack, which caused his vehicle to cross the center line into the path of the SUV carrying three people.

They added that the driver’s blood sugar level spiked seconds before the accident.

FingerLakes1.com will continue to update this story as more information is released by State Police.

Photos from the scene shared by the Waterloo Fire Department:


Original Story – Wednesday, 8 pm

At about 7:40 pm on Wednesday night, the Waterloo Fire Department and North Seneca Ambulance responded to a head-on crash with injuries and victims trapped inside multiple vehicles. The crash happened on Routes 5 & 20 just east of the Village of Waterloo. Also arriving on the scene shortly after was the Seneca Falls Fire Department and Phelps Ambulance. Mercy Flight was called and arrived shortly before 8:00 pm.

Check back here for updates as more information becomes available.

Below are reports via Twitter from @OntCoFireCalls…


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