Canandaigua man who threatened to ‘shoot up’ VA hospital pleads guilty to federal charges


A Canandaigua man who has been in custody since July 14th, 2016 for threatening to shoot up a Veterans Affairs hospital in Albany pleaded guilty to threatening to use a submachine gun to kill people at the facility.

Robert Seifert, of Canandaigua pleaded guilty on Friday to the charge of making an interstate threat to injure another.

He admitted to making a phone call last year in June to a Veterans Crisis Line operated in Portland, Oregon — during which conversation he made the threat.

Seifert told the operator that he had an Uzi and wanted to “kill everybody” at the Stratton Veterans Affairs Hospital in Albany.

Prosecutors and Seifert’s attorney have asked the judge ruling on the case to sentence him to time served, with the addition of three years supervised release.

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