Seneca Co. IDA gives lease deal the ‘OK’ for Seneca Army Depot

It’s a done deal.

The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency approved a lease and tax abatement for Earl Martin related to the roughly 7,200 acres he is buying at the former Seneca Army Depot.

IDA board members Tom Macinski, Steve Brusso, Robert Kernan, Valerie Bassett, Erica Paolicelli, Steve Wadhams and Don Trout voted yes on the final resolution and two related measures at Thursday’s lunchtime meeting. Board member Tom Kime was absent.

The IDA selected Martin’s $900,000 bid to buy the property more than a year ago.

Late last year, Martin said he wanted to negotiate the assessment to a more acceptable level before taking title to the property. The land, which the IDA took over when the Army closed the Depot, has not been assessed or taxed since the federal government acquired it in 1941.

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