Auburn Police ID woman pulled from Owasco River

It started with a report to 911 that a woman was in the Owasco River near the North Division St. bridge.

While the circumstances remain under investigation, officials in Auburn say that the woman’s body was recovered about 100 yards west of the Aurelius Avenue bridge. Late on Monday the victim was identified as 47-year-old Sherry L. Stephenson.

The water was moving very fast from recent rainfall, and required that firefighters on the scene wear special gear made for swift water rescues. Multiple fire departments, including Auburn, Throop, Owasco, and Port Byron all were on scene.

A helicopter was even called in from Onondaga County to shine light from above as it got dark.

The report came in around 7 pm and crews worked for nearly an hour to recover the woman, who was found in water that ranged between 3 and 10 feet deep.

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