City of Canandaigua discusses option of making Canandaigua a sanctuary city

Whether or not to make Canandaigua a sanctuary city was discussed Tuesday night by the City’s board.

No decision was made at the meeting, but they did note it’s hard to find a solution to the issue.

The mayor and the police chief were both in the meeting, and the chief was adamant there is not a formal policy in place and there isn’t a need for one because, according to him, illegal immigration is not a big problem in the city.

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    Sure. Let’s all break the laws of this nation; and do so as a city. Without borders you are not a town. Not a village. Not a country nor a sate … nor a country anymore. You are a target; and you allow the citizens who elected you to be robbed, raped, beaten … While you few legislators proclaim yourselves so enlightened. So above the law. This is a Republic ..This is a nation of laws. Follow those laws … or pay the penalty. Don’t be stupid, Canandaigua.

  • Yea great Idea put enemy among each other just to cause and watch civil war break out. you are real smart o wait thats right the rich elite scumbags of these little cities in the finger lakes think their dicks are big and money give them the right to do destructive things to society. Lets put unvetted criminals in a city with a VA hospital real smart.