NY health care providers to push for supervised drug sites

A group of health care providers, drug reform advocates and former users is launching a new effort to bring supervised drug consumption centers to New York state.

The facilities allow drug addicts to shoot up or consume their drugs in a safe, secure location under the supervision of medical personnel who can intervene in the event of an overdose.

Similar facilities are in use in other countries around the world but have faced political opposition in the U.S. Supporters in the state of New York include a handful of Democratic lawmakers and Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick, who has said it’s time the nation considers new ways to address the drug problem.

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  • Pat Chaffie

    I thought our goal was to get rid of drugs in our country; not make it so easy to have more access to them. We have laws to obey…how about enforcing them. Who is going to pay for the facility, the nurse, and the drugs????????? You are just asking for a free for all…not only by not enforcing the laws we have; but letting people get away with breaking the law. Responsible citizens have enough to deal with…shame on you for putting more burden on them. Please think this through instead of taking the easy way out to make things more convenient to some.

  • Jess

    I’m all for helping people with addiction. I’d love to see more lives saved. But I feel like if this were to be done it would make people think well hey I can just go here and get high rather than thinking I need to get help and stop. I wish there was more education saying like hey if you don’t already do drugs and you try this you may become addicted and addiction is terrible but it’s going to be on you for trying it and not listening. That won’t work never mind. But there are some people that get addicted on accident from taking pain meds after surgery. Another thing though people LIKE being high and that will never change. Ever. I suppose the only way to put a damper on this is by trying to stop it from coming into the country and stopping the deals. Maybe some more education on how these supervised drug sites help would be cool. Believe me I’ve seen addiction I’m not speaking from a non life experience place. Will these supervised drug places help people quit? Will there be places were addicts can go to heal? For years?(because that’s what it takes) Away from the atmosphere that they’re in? And the people that they’re around? Will there be intense micro rehabilitation? For at least a year with every single person? And then lessen the micro rehabilitation to less frequent so people can relearn to rely on themselves and feel strong enough over time to stay clean? With the right rehabilitation things would be better.