Wegmans hash browns recalled for ‘golf ball materials’

Wegmans’ hash browns are the latest to be recalled for, of all things, potentially having “golf ball materials”.

According to Wegmans’ website, the company’s O’Brien Hash Browns 28 oz. bags are being recalled because “they may contain golf ball materials.” The company says the affected products have UPC code 07789036523, a “Best By” date of October 2017 and production code B161021.

If you have an affected product, Wegmans says it can be returned for a full refund. Anyone with questions can call Wegmans Consumer Affairs at 1-855-934-3663, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This isn’t the first golf ball material related recall. Earlier this week a company recalled hash browns that were sold in nine states in the southern portion of the U.S. for a similar issue.

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