CRAMER: Pal-Mac voters should vote NO on May 16th to library proposal

Vote ‘NO’ on May 16th!

I received in the mail, as most Pal-Mac residents did with a Macedon Library Tax Referendum proposal.

As I read it, I could not believe what I was reading. Sure the reasons appeared to be done with great convincing and quality persuasiveness, but the reality is there should be NO referendum placed before the Pal-Mac Residents.

I sat in a few Town of Macedon meetings where the Town board gloated with much glee on how they receive so much revenue with the increase in businesses to this area. Just alone with Wal-Mart, Lowes and Waste Management on how they are receiving millions of dollars in revenue.

Each year the Library board puts forth a modest budget to the Town of Macedon board for the Town board to give only ¼ of their request. The monies were going towards duplication of services that served the Town board’s own hidden agendas instead of the agenda of the people they represent.

I say vote NO to the proposition and YOU insist the Macedon Town board give the Library board their requested budget each year so, that all those “factors and avoidances” can occur on their own without increasing taxes again.

It can be done by living within the means of all the revenues that the Town of Macedon receives. It will still meet all the needs of running the Town government.

Yes, there are state mandates, but fortunately this does NOT affect the Town of Macedon due to such a huge revenue base.

The Town’s revenue will be even greater within another year when the Town of Macedon will be the primary host community to Waste Management and receive an additional 2-3 million dollars. The host community contract states that a portion of the monies receive go towards community benefits. I feel the Library and the Trails of Macedon are a great community benefit for increasing quality of life for the residents and visitors to the area.

VOTE NO, TO THE MACEDON PUBLIC LIBRARY REFERENDUM ON MAY 16th at the Pal-Mac Intermediate School. Polls open at 7am to 8:30pm.

Concerned Resident,
Marie Cramer

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  • David Maul

    I am a member of the Macedon Town Board. My comments about this opinion piece:
    1. The Town Board did not make this request, or even know about it until afterward.
    2. Once the Library made the request of the School District, the referendum must be presented to the voters.
    3. We have a strong record of facilitating business development in our town. While we don’t “gloat” about revenues from anyone, we are proud that the successful businesses she mentions call Macedon home.
    4. In most years, the Library has received nearly 100% of its budget request (not 25% as the writer claims). Sometimes the totality of budget requests are not affordable, and therefore departments don’t always get what they want.
    5. For the writer to say that State mandates do not affect Macedon is simply astounding, and of course wrong.
    6. For the ten or so years we have been receiving community benefits from the High Acres Landfill, every dollar has been used to reduce taxes. That is a benefit to everyone who lives and operates a business in this town.

  • Tired of Cramer

    Cramer go back under your rock. The people of Macedon do not want to hear from you anymore.