Canandaigua wants stalled resort site cleaned up

A proposal to call a $480,000 surety bond for public portions of the stalled Canandaigua Finger Lakes Resort project may have been defeated Thursday night.

But the city plans to give owners David Genecco and Robert Murphy a few more weeks to clean up public portions of the $54 million project, such as working on parking areas and seeding grass, before revisiting the idea.

Councilmember Matt Martin, who proposed the action and was backed by fellow Councilmembers David Whitcomb, Anita Twitchell and Robert O’Brien, said work needs to move forward.

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  • Jess

    Shoot turn it into a huge fun place. Arcade games in one part. Trampolines in one part. Paint ball gun in another part. Roller skating in one part. Make a zip line off one part of it with a foam pit. A big skate boarding part with actual cool ramps etc. Put some exhibits in there. Maybe a real big aquarium. Or turn it into a mental health rehabilitation center with drug and alcohol treatment. Hey no turn it into an indoor water park yessss oh wait there’s a like water park there already. Enclose that and make it a big indoor water park.