Why so many want Joseph Amico behind bars

It was quite a surprise to Joseph Amico, age 45, of 7850 Flagler Street, City of Las Vegas, that two Wayne County Sheriff’s Officers were waiting outside a New York City Courtroom on Monday (8/14) morning, waiting to take him into custody.

In a Manhattan court, Amico had been charged with making terrorist threats and Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree last April. New York City Prosecutors claim he became incensed by watching a television interview by New York City Attorney Douglas Wigdor, involved in the racial harassment lawsuit against Fox News. In a series of phone calls, Amico allegedly threatened to shoot the attorney, harm his family and “blow up the firm.” He allegedly called Wigdor’s law firm, calling him a nigger lover and threatening Wigdor, his family and other members of the firm.

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