Kangaroo makes a break for it down Route 96 in Trumansburg

As Darlynne Overbaugh was driving home from work Monday, she thought she saw a deer in the corner of her eye by Route 96 in Trumansburg.

“I said, ‘Oh no, it’s a deer,’ because those live in our area,” Overbaugh said. “But it wasn’t.”

Not quite.

The animal she saw is more typically spotted in Australia than Trumansburg: a kangaroo.

The manager of an educational exhibit for Eudora Farms, a mobile petting zoo based out of Salley, S.C., was walking Rocky the red kangaroo on a leash before it got away. After a chase, the manager was able to regain control of the kangaroo.

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  • Kangaroo

    Typically kangaroos are often seen in the woods of interlaken and Lodi. They typically never venture that far south into the streets of trumansburg. Often tines, they box or punch other animals or humans that come in contact with them, explains why 98% of the Lodi population is funny looking. With that being said the kangaroo population is ever growing. If you see a kangaroo don’t approach as if to box it.

  • redeemed626

    As someone who knows the owner of a petting zoo, who accidentally allowed her Kangaroo to escape from the infield to a horse racing track, this comment made me laugh.