MOTIONS DISMISSED: Meadow View Mine suffers another loss in court

A strip of land along the west side of Burgess Rd. in Waterloo, which is zoned residential, was a major point of contention within the Seneca Meadows Clay Mine operation.

It was subject to an endless stream of legal action and court arguments, as legal representation of the landfill, as well as the Concerned Citizens of Seneca County made their cases.

During the spring, Seneca Meadows lost a clay mine appeal, which quickly led to another round of legal debate. At the time, Seneca Meadows moved to seek permission to re-argue the appeal.

Fast-forward several months, and now the Court of Appeals, New York’s highest court dismissed Seneca Meadows’ and Waterloo’s motions for permission to appeal the court of appeals.

According to Douglas H. Zamelis, Esq. who represented the Concerned Citizens throughout the process, it’s a win.

“The case is now over, my clients prevailed, the automatic stay is lifted, and SMI can’t legally mine any more clay from the Meadow View mine,” he said in an emailed statement Tuesday morning.

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This is a developing story, and FingerLakes1.com has reached out to Seneca Meadows for comment on the decision. This story will be updated throughout the day.

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