NYS investigating death at Sodus nursing home

The death of a Wayne County man at a Sodus nursing home has prompted an investigation, according to officials.

When Wayne Tuper began suffering from dimentia, his family made a difficult decision that isn’t unusual. The 80-year-old was placed into the care of Blossom View Nursing Home in September.

The facility, located in Sodus, is now under investigation following the death of Tuper, which came just days after his arrival.

According to his son, who spoke to the Canandaigua Messenger said it was 14 days when a disturbing discovery happened. “I went in one morning opened the door and I knew as soon as I opened the door he was no longer with us,” Dave Tuper said to the Post. “He was pale, white, I went over and touched his hand like I do every morning and he was cold.”

Tuper said that he alerted staff quickly after making the discovery but that it wasn’t the first incident involving his father. In fact, the concerned son said his father had fallen several times, suffered multiple bruises, head injuries and even broken bones in his time at the facility in Sodus.

Perhaps the ultimate shock, for Tuper, after discovering his deceased father in an open-room at the facility was when he notified nurses of his discovery. “I went to go let the nurses know and they already knew, but just failed to notify the family,” he told the Post.

Tuper filed a complaint, according to state reporting, but it wasn’t the first issue at the facility. In fact, Sodus Rehab and Nursing Center has been cited 51 times in the last four years, according to the Department of Health.

Tuper says that a ‘slap on the wrist’ won’t get the job done, and it’s time for more action.

New York State Department of Health officials say that an investigation into what happened has been launched, but only had the following to add about enforcement of violations:

“DOH imposes enforcement actions against nursing homes for serious noncompliance. In addition to imposing enforcement actions, DOH takes proactive steps and provides guidance to nursing homes in order to ensure patient safety.”

The facility is owned by Personal Care, LLC in Tarrytown. Media had requested a comment from the facility administrator, but those attempts were declined.

According to WHEC, Tuper’s death was caused by cardiac arrest. Family of Tuper has told media outlets that he fell on his head the night before he died. They have ordered an autopsy, but that will take months to return.

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