State approves new FLCC hospitality and tourism programs

A new hospitality and tourism management degree program has been approved by the state for Finger Lakes Community College, along with three one-year certificates in hotel and resort management, tourism management, and food and beverage management.

The approvals, by the state Education Department, provide more flexibility and choice for students pursuing careers in hospitality and tourism.

“This new approach to educational programming allows younger students to explore options in hospitality and then specialize, using one of the three tracks,” said Jamie Rotter, assistant professor of culinary arts. “It also provides an opportunity for people in the workforce to come back to school for just one year to upgrade their skills in one of these areas.”

The certificates can be taken alone or as a track within the two-year associate degree program. Students also have the option to start in one of the one-year certificate programs and then work toward the two-year degree.

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