Victor student uses CPR to revive woman in Walmart parking lot

A quick run to Walmart recently took a split-second life-and-death turn for 16-year-old Ethan Shean.

Now the Victor junior is being celebrated for his quick thinking and act of heroism after he performed lifesaving measures he’d learned in physical education class a few weeks earlier.

“I was with my friend, Vincent Casarez, when we went to Walmart to get bread for his mom for dinner,” said Shean. “When we were walking out, Vinny said, ‘I think someone’s calling for help.’”

The two ran toward the female voice, which by that time was clearly yelling as she dragged the female driver of a parked, dark green SUV from the driver’s seat.

The victim appeared to be unconscious, and was in her late 30s or 40s with short, dark blonde hair, Shean said. Her young child, about 2 years old, was strapped into a carseat, crying inconsolably.

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