Deputies: Shoplifters swipe over $600 in merchandise from Kohl’s in Victor

Three people were arrested following a shoplifting complaint at Kohl’s in Victor.

On Saturday, Kohl’s employees reported that a man and a woman, later identified as Rodney Jasper and Angie Jasper, had stolen several fitness trackers valued at $639.92 from the store.

Deputies stopped a car on State Route 96, driven by 36-year-old Brooksie Wilson, after it was seen fleeing the scene. The stolen merchandise was recovered from within the car.

Angie Jasper, 43, allegedly stole items in the presence of a child. She was charged with petit larceny and endangering the welfare of a child.

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  • Shea Ricci

    12/26/2017 at 7:15 PM my husband and I witnessed a grab and dash at the buybuyBaby on Jefferson Rd in Henrietta, NY. It was a group of 7 black female youth approximately 15-18 in age range. They apparently were scoping out my handbag at first but my husband saw that and stepped in between me and them as we shopped. Then they went to the baby carrier section. If you aren’t aware these items range in cost from about $50 right up to $189. They were there pulling down boxes when we passed with the clerk and as we approached the checkout all seven of them had one or two of the most expensive carriers and ran to the doors. The clerks are barred from touching thiefs for their own protection. The perps ran out the door shoving the clerk out of the way as they ran to a waiting vehicle. I hope their faces are visible on any cameras and that law enforcement go to the high schools looking for them. It was a disgusting display of behavior that we all end up paying for in one way or another. What are people not teaching their kids nowadays? These girls were laughing with glee as if this was a party event.