Capital spending plan takes Yates County into the future

The Yates County Legislature has adopted a capital spending plan for major spending through 2023. The plan provides for the final three years of debt payment on the county office building and courthouse. It also includes plans for funding road construction projects, replacing equipment and vehicles, and completing building maintenance and improvements. Anticipated spending in the plan is for projects or equipment purchases with an estimated total cost of $25,000 or more and a useful life exceeding three years, and for all proposed land acquisitions.

The capital plan items become part of each budget, but plans can be adjusted if conditions or needs change over time.

Legislative Chairman Douglas Paddock explains, “The capital plan allows the legislature to understand upcoming major cost items and plan accordingly.”

This plan also lays the financial groundwork for a renovation project at the public safety building and at the highway facility.

The capital plan, which was adopted at the Sept. 10 regular meeting, totals nearly $36 million over six years, and it anticipates that the local Yates County share of the costs will be nearly $25.5 million. The balance will be paid through various forms of aid and fees or other revenue.

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