MEET THE CANDIDATES: Three vying to succeed Bender in Seneca County

On Friday, local attorney David Ettman talked about his campaign for judge in Seneca County – just days before Thursday’s primary.

Ettman cited his diverse experience, time spent practicing in the local community, and his strong desire to continue working for the people and judicial system as major campaign drivers. The Varick Town Judge has also practiced throughout Seneca County, and in the surrounding area.

“I think it’s important that residents have a judge that respects the law, the institution, and courtroom. I bring those things to the table,” he said following his appearance on Inside the FLX.

On Tuesday, former District Attorney Donna Cathy appeared in-studio touting her experience as a prosecutor – and desire to ‘do right’ by Seneca County residents and the court system. “I think it’s important that residents have an elected judge that is both experienced in the right ways. My work in the district attorney’s office remains apparent all these years later,” she explained.

Current District Attorney Barry Porsch also talked with FingerLakes1.com ahead of Thursday’s primary, citing his desire to continue serving Seneca County.

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