Harmful blue-green algae reports raised on Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association and Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council posted this based on reports Saturday around the lake:

We are receiving many reports that conditions around the lake are pretty bad. Volunteers are reporting surface streaking and heavy blooms along shorelines and mid-lake too. With today’s hot, humid weather the temptation to swim is there, but PLEASE use common sense and avoid bloom areas at all costs. Remember that pets are especially susceptible to the toxins that may be present in blooms as they tend to drink the water and lick their fur after swimming. It’s not worth the risk!

Conditions are likely to be similar (Sunday) with another forecast for hot, calm weather. This is ideal for cyanobacteria as they are able to regulate their buoyancy and will rise to the surface to seek the ideal conditions for their growth.

CLWA cares deeply about our lake and we are all looking for concrete reasons on why blooms are occurring with more frequency and intensity across our Finger Lakes the last several years. We are committed to working with our partners and researchers to explore these reasons and do what we can to have a local impact. While we are experiencing an active bloom situation, YOU can help in this mission by educating those close to you on how to identify blooms and avoid them. Be a water quality ambassador and help spread the word by sharing the updates!

The Canandaigua Messenger:
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