Ontario County Sheriff Philip C. Povero reports statistics for the month of November 2018

Sheriff Philip C. Povero reports the following statistics for the the month of November 2018, from the divisions of the Ontario County Office of Sheriff:

The 9-1-1 Center processed a total of 14,023 events, including 7,060 events for the sheriff office / state police, 1,128 calls for emergency medical services, 329 calls for fire departments, 3,138 events for the Canandaigua PD and 2,368 events for the Geneva PD. Of these calls, 25 calls were requests for medical services for reported drug overdoses. Three assessors from the NYS Sheriff’s Association completed re-accreditation of the 911 Center on November 14. The re-accreditation certificate will be presented at the December 20, 2018 Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

A total of 614 car crashes were responded to during the month, including 54 crashes with injury, 1 fatal, 198 property damage only crashes, 94 vehicles in ditches, 11 rollover crashes, 27 hit & runs and 229 car-deer collisions. Car-deer collisions increased from the 197 reported in October. The OCSO K-9 unit reported 37 calls for service during the month, to include drug searches, tracks, presentations to the public and assists to other agencies. Deputies assigned to Eastview Mall responded to a total of 219 calls for service at the mall and reported 20 arrests. Stolen items valued at $5,610.17 were recovered with the arrests. The civil office served 42 subpoenas, 19 summons, 17 warrants of eviction and 88 income executions. A total of 94 warrants were processed, including 45 new warrants received and 49 warrants closed. Of the new warrants received, 6 were executed on the same day they were received from a court.

Sheriff Investigator’s continue to process pistol permit applications, and Sheriff Povero reports that so far this year, 390 pistol permit investigations have been completed.

Special traffic patrols were worked in the Towns of Farmington, Geneva and Victor by deputies. They issued 46 vehicle & traffic tickets in Farmington, 7 in Geneva and 31 in Victor during the month.

Kevin M. Henderson was elected Sheriff and he appointed David J. Frasca as his Undersheriff. Both are currently working with the sheriff’s administration as they begin their transition to the Office of Sheriff as of January 1st, 2019.

A total of 162 inmates were booked into the county jail during November, including 113 males and 49 females. Pre-arraignment detention was used 43 times during the month.

Trainers from the “National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children” provided information to Deputies on November 13 to assist them in identifying and assisting drug endangered children. Drug endangered children are children who are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as a result of illegal drug use, possession or distribution by the children’s parents or caregivers.

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