Some critical of Judge Doran after comments at Ontario County Court ceremony

It took several weeks to come to light – but Judge Craig Doran, who serves the 7th judicial district – has come under fire for comments made during the swearing-in of Ontario County Court Judge Kitty Karle, who won election in November.

Judge Craig Doran, Administrative Judge 7th Judicial District said the following, which can be heard and seen in the video below shared and recorded by the Canandaigua Messenger:

“As we all know for the first time we are swearing in today the first woman judge, county-wide woman judge in this county. And that is a great reason to celebrate. (applause) Although it is 2019 almost. I should ask her if she’s still a woman. No one is taping this right? Wait is this live? I’m trying to set the bar here. Kitty said she’s nervous. I’m trying to loosen her up a bit.”

WHEC-TV in Rochester reached out to Judge Doran, and he directed the New York State Court Administration in New York City. They say he asked them to send a statement forward on his behalf.

That statement looked like this:

“Words do matter. Judge Doran’s remarks at the swearing-in ceremony of Kristina Karle were intended to celebrate the election of the first female judge to the Ontario County Court bench. He was referring to the fact that it is 2019 and, finally, this historic event has happened. He is deeply troubled and remorseful that those words have caused offense and apologizes to anyone who was offended by those remarks and regrets that those words may have taken away from the celebration of this occasion.”

The Out-Alliance, which advocates for the LGBTQ community said it was an opportunity to remind the community that ‘words have tremendous power’.

“What we say has the power to uplift or to destroy, even when made in jest. Judge Doran has been a great friend of the agency and it is our hope that this was a simple lapse of judgment,” the Out-Alliance continued in that statement. “We would be happy to offer him education in regards to gender identity, sexual expression, proper use of pronouns, and the oppressive environments that can be created when we don’t make our spaces safe for everyone. In 2018, there were 27 documented homicides of transgender individuals in the United States with countless more going misidentified and hundreds more world wide. We honor each of their memories and show respect to their peers by making it clear that we support their right to life and humane treatment and proper use of pronouns.”

Judge Karle didn’t comment on the matter. Check out WHEC-TV’s full-story on the incident by clicking here.

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