Prescription drug costs are driving up bills, debt for struggling patients

The climbing costs of prescription drugs is catching the attention of President Trump. He held a meeting this week to hear directly from people who are impacted.

Many people say they now have to choose between buying food, or getting the medicine they depend on.

Gabriella Lexer of East Rochester has Type 1 Diabetes.

“You put in your blood sugar, and your target would be 120,” Lexer explained as she held her insulin pump. That pump transports insulin to her body throughout the day.

She says it pumps a certain dosage every hour.

“The cost of everything that is to be diabetic, like the insulin, is outrageous,” she explained.

Lexer was diagnosed two years ago, when she was 17. She says she learned quickly how expensive the bills could get.

“This is like $565, this was for insulin vials,” she explained as she looked through her bills.

She said she spends that kind of money three to four times a year, when she purchases about nine vials of insulin.

However, that isn’t the only cost she has to account for. She also has to buy other things, like test strips.

“We wish there was some type of awareness so maybe we could get some kind of funding through government or something,” said Annie Lexer, Gabriella’s mom.

Earlier this week, President Trump spoke on the costs of medical bills, vowing to tackle concerns surrounding pricing.

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