Elementary students learn power or writing

Writing Day at Dundee Elementary School was a success. “The students were able to meet new people from our very own community, and learn about how they use writing in their occupations. Teachers were just as inspired as the students. It was a great time had by all,” reports Julie Dunkelberger, the event coordinator.

The following people volunteered their time Jan. 18 to come and speak to students: Macy Hall, Michael Shea, Mike Ballard, Elizabeth Falk, Shannon Gibbs, Samantha and Kyle Spinks, Tiffany Simmons, Angela Fishbaugh, Deputy Megan Sotir, Nick Fultz, Josiah Peachey, Gwen Chamberlain, Sheldon Gibson, Evan Dillon, and Trooper Don Will.

Each of these speakers brought a new light to a different type of writing. Students used their own notebooks to assist in writing business advertisements, match the “just right” headline with a newspaper article, even create hashtags for business Instagram accounts, describe a photo that has no words, write a ticket to someone for speeding, or even reporting a crime! Students were able to ask questions, interact with the speakers, and some students even won prizes, explained Dunkelberger, adding, “What an amazing way to spend our morning!”

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