Reed offers help with broadband access

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed R-Corning met with constituents at the Potter Town Hall Jan. 26, and shared his thoughts on the top issues that have dominated a tumultuous last few weeks in Washington, D.C.

He opened the session with his comments about the recent partial government shutdown, temporarily resolved with a funding agreement that will expire Feb. 15.

“This whole process is frustrating… This is not how we’re supposed to run the train,” he said, referring to the conflicts in the nation’s capital which led to the partial government shutdown, adding, “It should not be the way to do business.” He later added, “The lunacy has to end.”

Although written questions were submitted for the session, the format quickly evolved into a conversational back and forth between the Congressman and constituents who challenged him with questions and comments on the polarized political atmosphere.

Much of the hour-long conversation centered on the shutdown resolution, immigration and border control issues, but he did address a few local issues, including improved rural broadband access, using public-private partnerships and federal funding through USDA, and access to mental health care for children.

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