Ontario Co. woman receives probation for fatal fentanyl sale

Marla Fenner, 27, of Geneva, pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance in connection with the sale of a fatal dose of fentanyl. She has been sentenced to five years of probation.

During colloquy Fenner stated that she swapped what she believed was heroin to another person in Geneva in exchange for apple juice and yogurt. That person ended up dying of an overdose. Lab tests determined that the drug was actually the deadly drug fentanyl.

According to First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride, Fenner asked the victim to run to the store, and she swapped the groceries from his mini-mart run for drugs. Due to the challenges in which the law is written, they could not prosecute the crime as a homicide.

If Fenner violates the term of probation, she will face a potential sentence of three years in state prison.

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