Parents, faculty fill Wayne CSD meeting to support board members facing removal

Parents remain frustrated after leaving a special school meeting that resulted in no answers.

The Wayne Central School District had a meeting Wednesday involving Steve Gallagher and Dennis Landry, the two board members accused of official misconduct.

In less than 10 minutes, the board approved a resolution allowing information about the charges against the men only be released at their misconduct hearings next month.

Gallaher and Landry declined to vote on the resolution.

The packed room of parents and faculty weren't happy about it.

"We the people voted Steve and Dennis in and it should be our people to vote them out if we wanted to," said Walworth resident Debbie Stockmeister.

"The community really stood behind these individuals," said parent Carrie Resch. "To see this is very disturbing."

The Sun & Record Wayne County Mail newspaper is reporting most of the charges stem from an incident last fall when Landry and Gallaher visited the now-empty Freewill Elementary School, triggering an alarm.

"Dennis and I are in favor of releasing everything right now. We have nothing to hide," said Gallaher.

"We just want this all released to the public so we can get this over and done with and be vindicated," added Landry.

Also waiting to learn those details is the attorney representing both of the accused, James Cole.

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