State Police chase suspect through backyard, down steep hill & into Newark creek

Signs of the chase are still all over Theresa Hasbrouk's backyard.

“It’s really amazing" she says. "I can’t believe it that something happened here.”

She's lived in Newark for the 25 years – the last house on a dead end street.

“Quiet," she said. "It’s very quiet around here.”

Tuesday night, her yard and the creek that sits behind it were the focus of a manhunt. State Police say 38-year-old Jason Harrison was pulled over on Route 31 for driving without lights on. Police say after the initial stop, Harrison sped off towards Church Street. That's when they say he hit a dead end, jumped out of his car, and took off running.

“When you are in a vehicle or foot pursuit, you don’t know why someone is running," says New York State Trooper Mark O'Donnell.

He says 40-year-old Jason Lewis, a passenger in the car, was arrested immediately. But troopers followed Harrison through the backyard, down a steep hill and along the creek.

Newark Police and Wayne County Sheriff's Deputies helped in the search.

“It’s dark out. You don’t know your surroundings," says O'Donnell.

Harrison was eventually spotted in the creek. Troopers jumped in quickly to pull him out. O'Donnell says he had hypothermia.

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